Trained in hatha-vinyasa (200hr) and hatha-yoga therapy (300hr,) Kara offers flow classes, classical hatha, and yoga therapy.  Teaching style revolves around alignment, joint safety, and mental intentions that mirror the physical postures.

This blog shares humble knowledge and benefits of yoga, inspirations, and sustainable lifestyle ideas. Personally, Kara is a dog lover, traveler, and fan of warm quiet beaches.

As a yoga teacher Kara has been teaching steadily since her first 200 hr training in 2013. She has taught beach yoga classes, studio classes, intermediate and advanced workshops, kids yoga/ESL kids yoga, and since her return to the U.S. has been teaching multiple corporate yoga classes.

As of December 2017, Kara has been working in her free time as a 5 Gyres Ambassador which pushes her to give talks on plastic pollution and our terribly bad plastic habit. Kara has combined her environmental and yoga passions by hosting a free Plogging & Yoga events, has given informational talks to school age students and adults, and looks forward to sharing the detriments of plastic pollution as well as simple solutions for the years to come.


Visit Kara’s Facebook page to view upcoming classes, workshops, and to contact Kara about hosting classes or workshops at your studio, school, or business. To see regularly scheduled sessions and prices at the studio where Kara currently teaches at in Randolph & Jamestown, NY. Visit the Events & Classes page for more information.

Contributing Authors

Contributing Author – Mindy Sisco  15875185_10157936313300567_1444119799404656397_o

Mindy is co-proprietor of Kaizen Korea, a yoga studio based in Busan, ROK. She completed her first teacher training course in Mysore, India under Santhosh Kumar where she was first introduced to specialized sequencing as yoga therapy. There she trained with Venezuelans acrobatic performance duo that sparked her love of AcroYoga. She completed her level II teacher training with AcroYoga Montreal in 2015. She is regularly traveling around the world both as a teacher and student. She continues to training with AYM annually. 2016 was a year of many professional accomplishments including: headlining the Fields of Yogis Festival in her hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, teaching AcroYoga at the Yogafesta festival in Seoul, ROK  co-hosting her first international retreat in Tulum, Mexico with her soul sister, Andrea Franz Parks of Toula Yoga, and leading her first 100hr ttc in Aprilia, Italy last fall.
Mindy is very excited for summer 2018! She has plans to lead more workshops both on her homebase of Kaizen and abroad. Mindy’s Heartbreak tour is taking her from Korea to Mexico, to the US, to Europe. Find details about the tour here. As Mindy is frequently on the move, she now offers 1-1 private yoga lessons via Skype. You can follow her adventures via Instragram | @kaizenkorea
FB | kaizen korea
Insta | kaizenkorea

Contributing Author – Kayla Bemis14468488_10154590193392264_1549680415579673294_o

Kayla spent most of 2017 backpacking through Central and South America and has since returned stateside. She is a resident of Washington, DC, is an avid animal lover, vintage enthusiast and  lover of concerts and music festivals.

Contributing Author – Amy Steele

Amy Steele lives in San Diego and works in publications for an environmental consulting firm. In her free time, she enjoys doing yoga and cycling around the city. Amy Steele

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi kara. This is awesome. Though i dont actually have any plan to be a yoga teacher its still amazing site to look around for somebody who loves yoga!!thanks


  2. Hi Kara,
    I currently live in Seoul and still trying to find a good groove with yoga out here. I currently take a class where the teacher (a friend) focuses on Ashtanga – it’s good, but I need more. I moved from San Diego where healthy food, fitness, and yoga were plentiful and didn’t have to try too hard to find any of the above. I’m trying to find a good English speaking hot yoga and vinyasa class that doesn’t require me to travel for an hour. Do you have any suggestions in the Seoul area (I live near Namyeong). Appreciate it!


    • Hi Brigitte,

      Sorry for this late reply. Unfortunately, I do not know anything much about Seoul or yoga up there. If you get the chance though, I think you’d love Busan, coastal, active (somewhat, you can definitely meet expats cycling, acroing, suringf, etc.) and my friend Mindy (info above) teaches amazing classes at her studio there, all in English.

      Apologies for not being much help!


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