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Tuesday Night Class – Hatha Beginner Yoga at Lotus Healing Center                                        5:30-6:30pm

This hour long hatha yoga class will always begin with centering and a gentle warm up. Standing poses will make up the middle portion of the class, building strength in body and mind. Balance work will be a key element with the utilization of props to aid students as they become accustomed to balance poses and build intrinsic muscles that are required to stay up right.  Class will finish with a cool down and guided relaxation.  These classes are all levels and include movement from the floor to standing. 

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Thursday Night Classes – Hatha & Vinyasa at The Resource Center
Hatha 4:30-5:30 pm
Vinyasa 6:00-7:00 pm

A large space has been secured at The Resource Center’s 200 Dunham Avenue location in Jamestown, NY. This exciting location provides more than enough space to socially distance, students are asked to space their mats more than the required 6 ft and numbers will be kept very low to allow for this.

Classes will run for an hour, pre-registration is mandatory. Please bring your own mat and any props that you enjoy using, blocks are recommended for both styles of class, but not necessary. As mandated by NYS, masks must be worn during class. This may take some getting used to, but a price in slight discomfort is a small cost to watch out for each others’ health.

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Virtual Classes

Currently I am no longer teaching virtual classes with Samsara Yoga Center.  Unfortunately, the beautiful, women-owned studio has closed it’s doors.

If you are interested in a group or private one time or weekly hatha or vinyasa class, then please contact me via my FB page – Kara Bemis Yoga.  As for in person classes, I am working hard to arrange a safe space for in person yoga classes in Jamestown, NY.