The Future – What’s Coming Up

Looking to the Future in 2022

While currently caring and bonding with her daughter Kara is not teaching any yoga classes. There are a couple of events lined up for the summer, two great festivals, information can be found in the events page.

Teaching will resume in time and will be updated on social media and this website. As for trainings, Kara is hopeful to participate in some this year Covid and new motherhood allowing.

Visit the Events/Classes page to see upcoming classes and workshops.

Continuously Evolving

Fluctuations in the body such as injuries are incredible learning opportunities. That is an odd introduction to then say that Kara learned an immense amount about her own body and the human female body through her pregnancy, but it is true. For nine months of 2021 Kara evolved her yoga practice and day to day activities with her pregnancy and has gained so much kinesthetic wisdom from the experience – and her much loved daughter!

5 Gyres Ambassador Work

Interested in hosting Kara’s Plastic Pollution Talk at your school/business/home?  Please visit her Yoga FB page and send a private message to begin collaboration.  Virtual sessions can be booked.