The Future – What’s Coming Up

2020 – What?!?!? How did we get here so quickly?

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Study, always study.

This past year flew by with trips to family, trips for yoga retreats and trainings, new jobs, old friends, a new home, and my wonderful husband and pup right by my side.  Looking forward to 2020 I’ll be seeking out more trainings and maybe more retreats to attend, with the now re-occurring tradition of training with Jason Crandell to hopefully continue.

Due to a change in job, I look forward to the warmer months when I can focus on teaching yoga, practicing yoga, gardening, working on our home, and so much more.



5 Gyres Ambassador Work

Keep you eyes out for events coming up in 2020as a 5 Gyres Ambassador.  During the first years of being an ambassador Kara gave multiple talks to local friends, students, her work place, and the public.  Events planned for January and Earth Day 2020.

Interested in hosting Kara’s Plastic Pollution Talk at your school/business/home?  Please visit her Yoga FB page and send a private message to begin collaboration.