The Future – What’s Coming Up

Looking to the Future in 2021

It is safe to say that not many of us will long for 2020, unfortunately however, our 2021 is a continuation of 2020; Covid is still with us.  Yoga teachers, just like everyone else, continue to need to evolve and adapt to life during Covid.

For Kara Bemis Yoga 2021 promises more posts, continual practice and growth as a student and a teacher (see below,) and changing with the times to bring as much physical and mental benefits to the Jamestown,  NY population and students in all locations via virtual classes.

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Study, always study.

During the quarantine of 2020 and 2021 practicing and studying virtually with virtually anyone, anywhere has been a positive impact of the pandemic.  Although in person workshops have not and will not be an option for some time, continual education virtually has been a positive influence on my practice and teaching.

5 Gyres Ambassador Work

Interested in hosting Kara’s Plastic Pollution Talk at your school/business/home?  Please visit her Yoga FB page and send a private message to begin collaboration.  Virtual sessions can be booked.