Student Testimonials

Kara created and executed a wonderful class for our PTA Mother-Daughter yoga night at our elementary school. There were over 80 of us and she did an amazing job! We loved the poses we could do together, using each others’ strength as well as our own. It was a beautiful kick-off to Mother’s Day weekend! A million thank yous Kara!!

– Maureen, USA

Kara is gentle with her words and in teaching. Definitely hooked on her classes! Yoga confidence gains after each session

– Brooke, USA

Kara is an amazing yoga instructor who teaches to all levels, and meets the student where they are at, to help them refine and perfect their own yoga practice. It is truly a joy to take a class with her.

Elizabeth, USA

Kara is a very knowledgeable yoga teacher and a super lovely human!

Andrea, USA

Kara is a wonderful teacher and I love taking classes and workshops with her. She always takes her time to address the needs of each person in a class and is very knowledgeable and kind. I highly recommend taking classes with her!

– Ashley, USA

Kara Bemis is a wonderfully thoughtful yoga teacher. While working through physical yoga postures, Kara’s teaching addresses the whole student- body, mind, and soul. She has a way of attuning herself to her student’s individual needs and catering to those needs while teaching large groups. I worked with Kara for about 3 years and I always felt like I was the most important student in the room while also knowing that every other student in the room felt the same. Kara always provides modifications for individual students. She will give you the tools to develop your practice. I highly recommend Kara Bemis Yoga.

– Wesley, USA

Kara is one of the best yoga teachers i have had the pleasure of knowing. She is patient and knows when to push or not push students. She is extremely knowledgeable and super kind and cool.

– Kiril, Canada

Kara’s style of teaching facilitates such release. Her words flow from the heart, and she watches our bodies with earnest goals of helping us reach peace.

What I remember most from Kara’s teachings is how she helps me release my ego. I can close my eyes, listen to her calm voice and simply move to my own rhythm.

She was one of my first regular yoga instructors and has inspired me to take part in my own yoga teacher training. She was so encouraging, that I co-taught my very first yoga class with her!! Since then, I have moved to Japan, and now give regular weekend yoga classes. So much of how I teach is taken from her instruction.

Kara has given me hours upon hours of her time. From private yoga classes on her rooftop, and classes where profits were completely donated to the Busan Abandonded Pet Sanctuary. She’s even given me plenty of lessons via skype from NY all the way to Japan. She exhibits such selflessness that it has inspired me to give as much as possible. Due to her donations, she’s inspired me to donate my monthly yoga class profits to the cat shelter where I adopted my cat.

She doesn’t do this to teach everyone a lesson. She just does. She just is. That’s the best type of yoga teacher. One who leads by strong example. Thank you Kara, for being a true role model.

– Levy, Japan

I just wanted to thank you so much for all the yoga classes you taught. At home I tried to get into yoga, but I just didn’t enjoy it. I started yoga in Busan because of my hip/back issues and I truly think it has helped alleviate the pain. After taking your classes I have come to really enjoy yoga. I will continue doing yoga back in Canada not just because it has been great for my back but because I have grown to really like it! And it’s thanks to you! So thanks again, Kara!

Meghan, Canada

Kara has been my yoga teacher during my stay in Busan, South-Korea in 2013/14. Spending many of my Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings in her class honestly made my weekends! I felt deeply being taken care of and encouraged to explore and play along the Asanas and Vinyasa Flows, she led us through. After class, I always felt super light, up-lifted in my mood and very strong in my body!

Kara is highly dedicated to the Art of teaching Yoga. She pays a lot of attention to the physical alignment in the postures and to the connection between movement and breath. That really allows for going deep into one’s practice. Very often, she weaves themes into her classes (such as focusing on “Gratitude”), consciously inviting to expand the physical practice to a mental level. She is also especially concerned with introducing the use of props (blocks and straps) in her classes, which makes her teachings accessible to students of all levels!

To me, Kara is a skillful yoga guide who surrenders herself completely to the teaching moment. I had the pleasure of experiencing that, and was deeply touched by those experiences! Thank you!

Ellen, Germany

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