Sorry for the Long Wait

It has been over a year since my last post. As an explanation, I was pregnant for most of that time and immediately following, adapting to being a new mother to a wonderful little babe.

For months I attempted to post, but accepted my inability to log in to WordPress as a sign that it wasn’t time yet, and enjoyed yet more cuddles from said babe. I have since fixed the issue and write now as she sleeps.

This will be a short update post with more detailed posts to follow. The short of it is that I practiced and taught yoga throughout my pregnancy (I taught until 38 weeks) and started a version of asana to heal and strengthen my body postpartum. I returned to teaching a regular weekly class three months after delivery with my schedule much smaller due to Covid (many classes never returned) and because – I’m a mom. I have also been gardening this year and continue my environmental journey which has had a new element of navigating a baby and sustainability. Posts on all of that and more to follow in time.

Time is precious and rigid these days with a six month old, it goes by incredibly fast and I have, of course, had to alter how I spend my time with the majority enjoyed with the wee one. That being said, posts will likely be few and far between until, and if, I can find a balance to prioritize writing and bulking up my thoughts.


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