Acuity Scheduling Review

During the summer the studio that I was teaching for, Samsara Yoga Center, shut its doors due to Covid.  It was sad, but expected, as the space was small and would not accommodate more than three students plus the teacher while socially distanced, not enough to pay the rent.

Luckily for the teachers of the studio the closing of the studio occurred during the summer months which enabled teachers to hold classes outdoors, however a new location had to be sourced when fall temperatures cooled.  Personally, I have been teaching in an old elementary gymnasium since October 2020.  It is a large space, that although lacks the serenity and ambiance of a yoga studio, has what is most important during a pandemic – space.

In the past when I taught freelance or contracted classes outside of a studio payment would be by cash or by check from the corporation that hired me to teach.  Up until Covid and the closing of Samsara charging cash and promoting on social media was enough for me to run independent classes.  However, because of Covid and the guidelines of my local health department I needed a concrete system to keep track of students and enable them a means of booking classes ahead of time.  That is when I started using Acuity Scheduling.

This review of Acuity is not a promotion of the product, but my personal experience using the service.  Initially I heard of Acuity from the Yogaland Podcast, the scheduling service was a sponsor of the show and a handy coupon code was given to listeners for a discount, which I took advantage of.  

What I’ve enjoyed about Acuity

  • Easy to work out the website and customize aspects of your site. 
  • Ability to update color scheme and upload photos to market your brand.
  • Linking of classes and appointments to google calendar for teacher and students.
  • Reminder emails to students about classes that they’ve scheduled.
  • Coupon codes to give discounts and the ability to limit coupon codes to single use only and apply expiration dates.
  • Customizable link to share on social media and website.
  • Payment options of a linked Paypal account or a Pay Later option of payment by cash.
  • Ability for student or teacher to easily cancel or reschedule class, even if payment has already been made.

There really haven’t been any negatives for me in using Acuity.  It would be nice if there was a waiting list function, which there is not, but my classes do not require that function yet and I plan to communicate via social media if class fills up and likewise if a spot opens up.

If you are a yoga teacher or other fitness instructor making it out there on your own, navigating your side hustle during Covid, then I highly suggest utilizing Acuity Scheduling. Another great benefit that I should bring up during tax season is the Reports section, and don’t forget to claim this expense in your taxes.