Flow N Glow Event

This is a fun, laid back, and unique yoga event to both host and attend. I’ve had opportunities to co-host two previous events with another local teacher, both of which were well attended with students saying they had a good time. Recently I hosted a Flow N Glow, but this time solo as the other teacher was out of town on vacation. It’s a great event to hold in the cold months when not much else tends to go on.

Listed below are the vitals to hosting a successful Flow N Glow.

  1. The Studio– In order to get everyone shining their brightest, you’ll need backlights, the more the merrier. The space will have to be totally dark minus the backlights, so a space with not many windows is ideal. If there are windows, be sure to hold the event a while after the sun has set or block out the windows with some sort of opaque covering (bed sheet, cardboard, anything.)
  2. Things That Glow– UV Paint, glow in the dark stickers, and glow bracelets are what we’ve used. For my past event I chose not to provide glow sticks in order to reduce waste, but I didn’t discourage people from bringing their own. UV paint glows really well and is so much fun to apply. When planning be sure to give attendees at least 30 minutes to create their designs. Encourage everyone to wear white or neon clothes.
  3. Pumpin’ Playlist– Music is key for a dance inspired event. I took a lot of time to find out what songs are trending lately. If you go out, take note of what’s being played frequently. Be sure to include a range of styles to please a crowd. I included funk, pop, electronic, etc.
  4. Cleaning Supplies– The paint will come off throughout the night, especially if you get sweaty or spend time on the mat (on the belly or back.) Be respectful to the studio and be sure to clean up thoroughly afterwards. I provided my own home-made non-toxic cleaning spray.

And that’s how you host a Flow N Glow. One last, very important thing, be sure to advise students that not much alignment cueing will be given due to the loud music (and the lack of visibility for you as a teacher.) As always, it’s up to the practitioner themselves to keep their body safe. Encourage everyone to take child’s pose whenever, and as much as needed, and to only go as deep into a pose as they still feel comfortable in, and where they can maintain elongated breath. Glow on!

Photos by Nina- http://www.ninasn.com/

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