Top 4 Yoga Study Tips

So much more than being a yoga teacher, I am a yoga student. There is so much to learn about yoga, and you don’t have to be a yoga teacher to delve in. There are thousands of years of yogic history, philosophy and knowledge that cannot all be learned in any YTTC.

As a teacher, I strive to learn more and more about the human body and it’s movements and interweaving, working systems. This means studying human anatomy. Muscles, bones, and the like.

On top of the physical aspect of yoga there is a whole new language to learn – Sanskrit.

The list could go on, so to aid your study of yoga, here are four of my top yoga resources that I use to increase my understanding of yoga.

  • TIP ONE – ANATOMY COLORING BOOK – My trainer, Kimberly Waugh of Radiant Life Yoga School, had recommended that I get a coloring anatomy book during my YTTC exit interview back in 2013 when I asked her for advice on how to self-study anatomy. I don’t know why I didn’t take her advice right away, instead I only just recently purchased my coloring book and instantly fell in love. It’s stress reducing and educational at the same time! Grab your own and get to coloring… just one tip – get the big box of coloring pencils, minimum 24 pack.

Netter’s Anatomy Coloring Book, 2nd Ed

  • TIP TWO – LEARN THROUGH YOUR EARS – I. Love. Podcasts. Many of my conversations begin like this, “I was listening to this podcast about (fill in the blank) and …” I subscribe to an array of them and am open to expanding my list. My favorite all time yoga podcast though is Yoga Body – The Yoga Talk Show by Lucas Rockwood. Episodes include interesting interviewees not only from the yoga world but from all areas of the health and wellness industries. Every show also includes a questions and answers segment with Lucas and a Nutritional Tip of the Week. Get this app.



  • TIP THREE – FLASH CARDS – Be traditional and make your own, or try this flash cards app: AnkiApp. This app is new to me but I’ve already studied with it quite a lot. You search topics, choose a deck you like, download it to your app and start flipping. They even have flash cards specific to yoga.

AnkiApp, English/Sanskrit Pose Names

  • TIP FOUR – CREATE A STUDY GROUP – Ask fellow yoga students and/or teachers to study with you. Share resources and help commit each other to study dates and times. Claim a large table at a cafe, spread it all, sip some herbal tea and study.


Changing your perspective of yoga from just a practice to a study of yoga will deepen your experience. Once you open that portal you’ll realize that there’s so much to learn and with that learning your practice will evolve.

*If your studying is taking you to a retreat or teacher training, then check out one of my first blog posts full of how to start the process of choosing the right YTTC for you.

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