Bhavana Yoga Center, Athens, Greece – Review

My time in Athens is short, so I’m happy that I was able to find a  community class at a centrally located studio right in the hustle and bustle of the old city. Bhavana Yoga Center  is easy to get to (directions below) and hosts frequent classes throughout the week.

The class that I attended was a Saturday noon-time community class. You can find specifics about community classes, like who’s teaching and what style it is, and all other classes (they host an array of styles and list level specifics) on their website under Weekly Class Schedule.


Bhavana Yoga Center is located on a popular pedestrian street called Aeolou, which you’ll likely find yourself on as you explore Athens. It’s not far from the Acropolis and is home to lots of cute cafes and restaurants. There are also two Greek Orthodox churches on Aeolou Street which are good landmarks to use to find the yoga studio as it is situated between them, so if you pass both of them then you’ve gone too far.

The address is: 43 Aeolou St. & Kolokotroni                     20160402_141723.jpg
105 51, Athens – Greece


The Studio

Is beautiful. I couldn’t stop thinking how beautiful it was while I was having a look around before class began. Everything about it is warm and homey with sprinkles of humor thrown in (a handmade sign on the cork bulletin board read: “Warning: yoga causes health and happiness.”) The entrance way invites you to remove your shoes straight away and silence your phones. There’s a changing room for each of the sexes as well as bathrooms and showers. They have lockers which you can lock up if you bring your own lock. There are mats to borrow as well as props.

Be sure to arrive 15 minutes before your first class to fill out a student form and get changed. There’s a comfy lounge area with a couch and yoga books to browse if you arrive a bit too early. Directly in front of the check in desk is merchandise to buy like mats, straps, and teas. 20160402_141201.jpg

The yoga studio is long and open with windows all along the front. There are a lot of yogic relics like Hanuman and Shiva around that made me feel homesick for India and that add to that warm feeling. The community class I attended lasted an hour and 45 minutes. The teacher was a visiting teacher from Germany and the class was taught entirely in English, which is not always the case I was told afterwards. Classes are taught in the native Greek as well, but with some Sanskrit knowledge and peeking while in poses classes can be taken anywhere in any language. (Side note – the studio and their website were one of the most English friendly, and therefore tourist friendly, that I saw while searching for a studio in Athens.)




The cost of Saturday community classes are 8€. If you try a mid-week class and it’s your first class at the studio, then the cost is also the same low 8€ with regular drop-ins costing 15€, not too bad for a European capital city.

More detailed information on pricing can be found via their website here.


Bhavana Yoga Center, in my opinion, is a must for a travelling yogi or yogini in Athens. All in all it was a great experience visiting the yoga center and I left ready to start my Saturday touring Athens with much needed energy and warmth.

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